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M42-MD adapter M42 na MD Minolta - Macro fokus

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M42 Lens to Minolta MD Film SLR mount adapter ring

macro focus only, not infinity


For using auto focus Minolta cameras with M42 lenses (Praktica, Zenit). Metric scale M42 keeps its meanings due to compensation of the flange bases difference. It is macro confirm only, and cannot focus infinity in some focal lengths.

You should remember that the pusher with the fixed ring doesn? t work, so diaphragm control of the lens is set manually.

Bear in mind that aperture pusher is not pushed. It is possible to use Macro rings and other accessories.  



1.    lens: M42 mount lenses (Zeiss, Pentax, Praktica, Mamiya, Zenit)

2.    camera:  Minolta MD Film SLR mount


uPackage includes:

1 x Lens mount adapter 

    Settings:   Put red marks of the adapter and lens collar together.   Turn the adapter anticlockwise till the fixative click.   Mosty it will use Manual or AV mode.       Removing:   To remove the adapter you should unpress fixative pin and turn the adapter clockwise.       Notice:   1. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other function will not        operate correctly while using this adapter.   2. In this case "Stop-down mode" will need to be used when metering since the lens doesn't have the        ability to have its apeture controlled by camera body.   3. You can shoot with manual mode or aperture priority mode.
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